Not everyone is keen on hip hop, but everyone should know about Eminem. Ever since he came on the scene in 1999, the rapper has been loved and hated, but never ignored. He has come forth with a slew of hit albums and hiphop songs, as well as some impressive Eminem mixtapes. This is only 1 of the many size of his amazing career.

"Relapse" employs a four and a half year hiatus following Eminem's last album, "Encore". The hip-hop industry, along with the American political and financial situation has evolved dramatically subsequently. George W. Bush is going and Barrack Obama is here in; it comes with an financial economic breakdown that is certainly threatening to impact America's hegemony on world affairs. The hip-hop industry features a few new stars, namely Kanye West, Soulja Boy. In other words, the world has evolved a good deal since Eminem's last outing.

But it wasnt all possible for the young Eminem who needed to battle his strategy to stardom by appearing in various rap battles with fellow Mc's around Detroit. The youthful Eminem eventually went onto appear with the 1997 Rap Olympics where he finished second and this was enough to find the attention of Jimmy Lovine who had been then CEO of Interscope Records who requested a tape of the young rap star. Jimmy Lovine was impressed by Eminem's performance that he unquestionably tape to legendary rap producer Dr. Dre and also the a couple of them began recording demo songs for Eminem's breakthrough album The Slim Shady LP released on February 23 1999. Eminem's debut album The Slim Shady LP spawned the hit Eminem songs My Name Is and Guilty Conscience featuring the songs producer Dr. Dre. Both of these hot rap songs were associated with two of the hottest Eminem music videos to date which helped turn Eminem right into a global rap superstar overnight the other in the and artists in the USA.

Rap beefs are a double edged sword. As is the truth between Ja Rule and 50 Cent, you can view the escalation heading towards violence. Yet rappers, perhaps most, actually endorse these beefs as a way to earn credibility and drum up interest. Let's remember that 50 got noticed due to his punchlines about various rappers, such as Jay Z, who returned while using classic line "I'm worth 'bout a dollar, who the **** is 50 Cent?"

3) Perseverance: Rome wasn't built in every day and Eminem didn't learn how to freestyle in that in short supply of time either. He practiced and practiced his entire life to gain the notoriety he received. Don't expect immediate results. He began rapping being a teenager and things didn't click for him at first either. You will find that it is rather difficult at first, but when you keep going, things set out to click.